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2013 Spring/Summer

Classification Course No. Course Title Credit Instructor lecture room SYLLABUS
Required NA5001 NT-IT Fusion Technology 3 Alameh, Song Jongin, Ham Moonh Dasan #112 다운로드
Electives NA5100 Post CMOS Hybrid Device Technology 3 Lee Byoung Hun MSE 205 다운로드
NA5101 Carbon-Based Nanomaterials 3 Kurt E. Geckeler Kumho B101 다운로드
NA5108 Advanced Nanomaterials 3 H. Fuchs, H. Nishide Dasan #112 다운로드
NA5111 High Intensity Laser Matter Interaction 3 P.V. Nickles APRI 108 다운로드
NA5116 Nanomaterials for energy saving & sustainability 3 P. Gruenberg Dasan #401 다운로드
NA6007 Materials Science for Sustainable Energy 3 Moon Kim Dasan #301 다운로드
Research NA9002 Interdisciplinary Seminar 1
NA9003 Research for Master Dissertation
NA9004 Research for Ph.D. Dissertation