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Neuromorphic Device

Information exchange process of the neuron, development of suitable devices for neuromorphic electronics, which is expected to overcome the limitation of the micro‐nano electronics

Name Name of University
Lee Byoung Hun GIST
Jung Gun Young GIST
Ham Moon Ho GIST
Moon Kim  Univ. of Texas at Dallas
Display and artificial retina

Based on the flexible and transparent technology and optical information process technology to develop an implantable, micro‐high‐resolution display technology, and the core technology for an artificial retina using nano‐optical information process technology

인간 친화형 디스플레이의 소형화 및 인공망막

Name Name of University
Kim Dong You GIST
Park Seong Ju GIST
Jang Jae Hyung GIST
Charles W. Tu  Univ. of California at San Diego
Wu Lu  Ohio State Univ.

Peter Gruenberg

 Peter Gruenberg Institute
Flexible Energy and Storage

Development of the adherable electricity supply, which is the integration of solar battery and energy storage to supply electricity for networking and various micro‐sensor systems.

유연성 에너지 및 스토리지 연구개발 이미지

Name Name of University
Lee Gwang Hee GIST
Lee Jae Suk GIST
Hiroyuki Nishide Waseda Univ.
Bio Interface

Development of biosensors, which monitors the metabolism and function of a bionic human with functional nanomaterials, complex molecular systems, MEMS, and nano‐optical technology.

바이오 응용 인터페이스

Name Name of University
Yang Sung GIST
Yoon Myung Han GIST
Lee Yong Tak GIST
Lee Jong Hyun GIST
Kurt E. Geckeler GIST
Kamal Alamah Edith Cowan Univ.
Nanobio Characterization

To meet the goals of the previous research areas, the integration of different materials, the development of real‐time dynamical analyzing systems such as interfaces between biomaterials and organic/inorganic semiconductor materials, and organic materials at the atomic and molecular level.

나노바이오 분석기술 연구 이미지

Name Name of University
Noh Do Young GIST
Jo Byung Ki GIST
Tae Ki Yoong GIST
Peter Viktor Nickles Max-Born Inst. Berlin
Harald Fuchs Univ. of Muenster
Nanobio Information Process

Development of information processes and fusion system technology for using wireless communication network technology, sensing information, and signal processes for the conversion, abstraction, and transmission of particular signals of various bionic sensors.

Nanobio 센서에 기반한 센서 응용 시스템의 예

Name Name of University
Kim Ki Seon GIST
Song Jong In GIST
Lim Hyuk GIST
Khosrow Sohraby University of Missouri-Kansas City