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Nono & Bio Analysis Technology

Task 5 investigates the imaging technology and dynamics at the hetero-interface of nano-scale bio molecules using femto-second x-ray. Especially, quantum optics includes the study of coherent properties of the photons and their applications. Unlike in the classical optics, using coherent properties of the photons enables observation of very fast interaction between light and matter and the detailed structure inside the matter. It also allows close examination of various ultra-fast phenomena by the optical fields in the matter compared to the traditional slower electronic phenomena. Task 5 focuses on the measurement technology with two main topics.

1)Characterization of the interface in nano-bio-device

Prof. Harald Fuchs, Prof. Beongki Cho, and Prof. Giyoong Tae

Interface at the nano-scale bio-device during the fabrication

  • Analysis using SPM (non-destructive) technique to bio/bio interface in real time
  • Non-destructive measurement for bio/substrate interfaces of microstructures
  • Non-destructive and high resolution structural analysis using transmitted electrons

Interactions with bio-molecules in organisms

  • Dynamics of a molecule using nano-spin device
  • Nano-scale and high efficiency device using the attraction force between molecules
  • Interactions between bio/bio or bio/inorganic materials
  • Non-destructive and high resolution structural analysis using transmitted electrons

2)Time resolved nano-bio-imaging techniques using coherent x-ray

Prof. Peter Victor Nickles, Prof. Doyoung Noh, and Prof. Giyoong Tae

Femto-second soft x-ray generation technique

  • Transient x-ray generation technique
  • Soft x-ray with short wavelength generation at Water Window
  • Enhancement of laser efficiency using Gazing Incident Pumping technique
  • Enhancement of coherency using High Harmonic wave seeding

Coherent soft x-ray diffraction imaging

  • Non-lens diffraction imaging applications with oversampling algorism
  • Soft x-ray application into the diffraction imaging technique in reflection geometry
  • Time resolved diffraction imaging technique using femto-second soft x-ray
  • Ultra-fast imaging technique using mono x-ray pulse

X-ray imaging applications into the nano and bio system

  • Structural imaging technique of sub-cell level
  • Bio membrane imaging with diffraction imaging technique
  • Time resolved analysis of bio molecules, such as DNA
  • Real time measurement of interactions between bio-structures